RMR Environmental Policy

Rocky Mountain Recycling, Inc. conducts a commercial recycling business that helps to conserve the world's recyclable, non-renewable metal to produce commercial products. One of the company's founding principles is that each generation is the custodian rather than the absolute owner of the world's resources and has an obligation to pass on the inheritance. It is the Environment Policy of Rocky Mountain Recycling, Inc. to complete all aspects of its recycling business as a responsible steward of the environment; in order to help protect Earth and its inhabitants.

To carry out this policy, RMR will:

  • COMPLY with all applicable laws and regulations
  • EMBRACE environmental management through the commitment of its Management and Board of Directors
  • COMMUNICATE this Environment Policy to all employees and the public
  • CONSERVE energy and materials and recycle
  • EDUCATE and train employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner
  • SEEK new methods and technical developments to improve the Environmental Management System
  • UTILIZE systematic environmental performance evaluation procedures
  • AUDIT and REPORT the Company's environmental performance to the Chief Executive Officer
  • IMPLEMENT any corrective actions necessary to protect human health and the environment
  • PLAN for emergency situations through established preparedness and response procedures
  • ENCOURAGE responsible environmental behavior by suppliers and contractors
  • PRODUCE products that will not harm humans or the environment
  • SUPPORT continuous improvement in the company's environmental performance

Safety Pledge

We are committed to:

Integrating safety, health, environmental and community considerations into every aspect of how we conduct our business.
Caring for the safety and health of every individual and to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees, contractors and visitors.
Conducting our business in a manner that protects the environment, conserves resources and reduces waste.
Being a respected, responsible corporate citizen by working constructively with our communities and other stakeholders and engaging in the honest and ethical conduct of business.
Supporting all of the above through effective leadership, policies and management systems and accountability at all levels.
Complying with all applicable safety, health, environment and community laws, regulation and standards in all the jurisdictions in which we operate, but will strive to achieve levels of performance that exceed basic compliance.
In the unfortunate event of a workplace incident, we will actively engage in the rehabilitation, injury management, support and return to work of injured employees and making good any environmental and community concerns.
Seeking continuous improvements in all safety, health, environment and community aspects of our operations and will seek to eliminate the risk to safety, health, environment and the community through the evaluations of all operational activities, supported by appropriate risk management principles and tools.

Metal Theft

Rocky Mountain Recycling, Inc., Inc. prohibits the acceptance of the following materials, unless ownership is clearly established through a contract or letter of authorization:

  • New production scrap or new materials that are part of a manufacturing process that are being sold by an individual as opposed to a company.
  • Items that are often used only by governments, utilities, railroads or for very specific purposes. This includes, but is not limited to traffic/street signs. Water and electrical meters (or parts), certain cables used only in high voltage transmission line, historic markers, cemetery plaques and artwork.
  • Full-sized, new materials such as those used in construction, or equipment tools used by contractors.
  • Materials that may not be new but are clearly suspect, such as bleachers from an athletic field, traffic/street signs, certain types of copper pipe, newer extension cords, etc.
  • Materials that are clearly marked as belonging to another entity other than the seller, such as beer kegs, soda cylinders, milk crates, and other marked materials.
  • Materials that have been reported stolen.

Rocky Mountain Recycling, Inc., Inc. participates in the Institute of Recycling Industry (ISRI) ScrapTheftAlert.com and StopMetalsTheft.org programs to receive/report.

For more information on environmental policies, community involvement or metal theft, call our office. 303-288-6868